Open Source Displacement

In digital rendering, displacement maps are a way of interpreting dark and light values of a two-dimensional image to create high and low points on a digital three-dimensional surface—light values are raised and dark values recede. Open Source Erosion, is a series of ongoing digital prints doubling in their ability to stand autonomously and to manipulate digital surfaces and textures through their use in displacement mapping.

Anyone interested can obtain a suite of maps (up to 5000px @ dpi) by
sending an email here.

Shown below are the affects of these digital prints on a rendered surface.

(Examples rendered with Maxwell Render v3.1)

Making of Lead-Based, Centripetal Nadir

The following are some process shots in the making of Lead-Based, Centripetal Nadir.

Most objects are built in Rhino 5, imported and composited in Maya and then rendered with Maxwell Render v3.1

Below shows the progression of the raw build, to the final material and test renders.

Before and after of the coin, raw build and final rendering.

Bump maps, from Open Source Erosion, applied to the lion head.

Some details of the final render

Using Format